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In this very simple tutorial I will show you a trick which will enable you to create multiple user accounts using the same email address.

You've made a nice block. But it still comes popping up even though it doesn't return any results! Luckily it is just a matter of settings. Here i'll show you how.

Say you want to create a listing with nodes where the publishing date is not older than two months. How do you go about this?

When a user want to join a group by clicking on the 'Request group membership' link they get the option to provide a 'Request message' as shown in the screenshot below. This can be confusing and in some situations this message is totally unnecessary. But there is no option within the Organic Groups settings to disable the request message. Have no fear! I've found way!

There is a very neat solution for integrating MP3 files with your Drupal 7 website. In this post I will explain how to make mp3 files directly streaming on your website without users having to download the file.

Relating nodes to each other in Drupal can be done more than one way. I find it the easiest way using Views and the References module. As for this example I assume you have installed both these modules. Here we go:

Let's say we have a band and we want to relate songs to this band. We start by creating a content type called 'Band'.

You want to change the Group Manager of a group but when you go looking for the option 'Change Group Manager' your quest will be futile. There is no option within Organic Groups bearing such a description. You will have to look further and deeper... or simply read this blog post. It's quite easy but as far from logical as possible.

In order to use Organic Groups with Drupal 7 you have to determine which Content Type will be a 'Group Type' as shown below (you can do this by either creating or editing a Content Type):

So you want Views to exclude some nodes from your view. Easy enough right? Just go to your view and  below filter click 'add' and select 'node id' and.... but wait a second! Now I can only filter just one node! How impractical... I need to filter at least a couple of nodes! No worries, there is a solution you just need to know where to look.

Have you ever tried to translate something and this error pops up? Here's how to fix it!

When you get the following error: "The string for textgroup blocks is not allowed for translation because of its text format" it's because you have to enable translation for your text formats (text formats are the options you see below the body area while creating or editing a node, such as: Full HTML or Filtered HTML). Some text formats are disabled by default so to enable them follow these steps:

This was driving me crazy but appareantly it's very simple. I created a rule with the rules module which would send a mail to multiple email addresses. Making the rule send emails to one email address worked fine but when I entered more than one email address the whole process would grind to a screeching halt and no mail was sent.